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Hello my name is James Margerelli, owner and operator of Elvis Tree Climber Extraordinaire. Since I was a young boy, I have always had an adoration and respect for trees and the wilderness in general.  I used to love to climb the big magnolias in my yard and pick their beautiful smelling flowers for my mother and grandmother.  Incidentally, my grandmother is the one who nicknamed me “Elvis”.  On our street in Daytona, FL, there was this large loquat (Chinese Plum) tree that I spent many an afternoon picking and eating its delicious fruit.  Another fond memory was alongside our house, there was a row of cherry laurels that provided a microclimate of protective shade and nice cool breeze.

Along with the many beneficial values of trees, unfortunately comes numerous hazards. Trees that are planted or naturally grow in the soil too close to man-made structures can damage walls, foundations, and roofs.  Sometimes large trees will get diseases and die creating, a hazard of falling limbs.  Another hazard occurs from storm damage - high winds can weaken or break tree tops and snap off large limbs, in turn landing on roof tops or against the sides of houses and sheds, etc.

When it comes to planting trees, there are a lot of steps to be taken.  First, it must be determined what type of tree would best be suited for a certain type of landscape.  Then, before planting a tree, you should inspect and trim off winding and girdling roots.  Next, you have to make sure that you do not plant the root flare too deep or to high above the ground surface.  With a little care and planning, your new tree can live a long, healthy life.

Tree pruning can also be tricky. There are particular parts of a tree that cannot be pruned without damaging and shortening its life.  Trees have branch collars that are in a way like an immune system of a human.  When lower branches cannot utilize photosynthesis because of the branches above them spanning out to catch more sunlight, and shade cast will cause the lower branches to naturally die off.  The branch collar will grow around the dead branch, and when it falls off the stem of the tree, it seals off the heart wood while releasing anti-fungal agents to protect itself from heart rot.  To cut through this collar, or cut off a limb over 8 inches wide, will threaten the life the tree and allow wood-decaying fungus into the living heart and trunk wood.  Only branch wood can be cut while pruning.  Topping or face-cutting a tree will greatly shorten its life, and ultimately destroy it.

With over thirty years experience, I can provide you with expert advice as well as an effective action plan to satisfy all your tree care needs.  Whether it’s preserving the beneficial aspects of your trees, or tackling the hazards and removal of the dangerous ones, have no fear, Elvis is here!  Aside from complete removals, I can also both structurally and ornamentally prune your beloved existing trees, or help you plant and create a maintenance plan for new ones. Either way, allowing them to live out a long, healthy life and provide beneficial shade and beauty for generations to come.

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