Tree Pruning

Trees cannot be cut in places where healing will not occur.  I am well-trained and have thoroughly studied the anatomy of trees.  When I walk up to a tree, I look at all of its different parts and problems and actually can see the potential (or lack thereof) and determine the life-span so you and your tree can coexist in harmony.  Trees can outlive us by far, and I want them to provide a beneficial aspect for generations to come. 


Triming a tree away from a house or raising the lover limbs so we can walk beneath them are only a small part.  When trimming a tree, you should do it the right way.  Dead, dying, diseased, crossed, crowded, and lateral branches should be removed from a tree in order for it to live a long, healthy life.  Down here in Florida, it is also a good idea to thin out a tree.  A tree is like a sail on a boat, and when the wind blows in stormy conditions, it can be broken, damaged or uprooted.  Proper thinning is when up to 25 percent of each branch is pruned from the branch collar to the tips in an equal manner to allow wind to pass through the tree without putting too much stress on main leaders and tree stems. 


I also provide re-direction of the main leaders.  For instance, some larger trees have giant leaders that are growing toward a house, shed or other man-made structures while amassing a size of between 8 to 24 inches in diameter, or even greater.  Branches growing off the main leader are the problem, not the leader itself - these branches that are growing out and over can be pruned to prevent damage, while the others that are growing up into the canopy are left to provide the photosynthesis needed to support life.  The main leader provides sugars and starches to feed the woody roots, outer living heart wood, and the protective outer bark of for the tree.  Making a large cut will alow for wood-decaying fungus to create a hole the size of a beach ball inside the heart of a tree, and within ten to twenty years it would create a tremendous hazard.  In other words, some inexperienced guy made a couple hundred bucks making a cut in a tree that should live for two hundred years or more, and now this tree is condemned to two decades before it is structurally weakened and can cause serious damage.

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